Last updated on 12 October, 2022

Utility billing is a subset of the “SundayGrids” services, meant to enable users to use the solar credits generated from their Digital Solar Reservation.

The platform may provide billing platform for utilities listed on BBPS such as, but not limited to, internet, water etc. However, usage of solar credits can be applied to electricity utility bills only for the time being. These credits are non-transferable to other users nor is it possible to convert to other forms of currency or units of value.

SundayGrids reserves the right to set the credit value rate and to determine which providers are accessible for credit offsets. It is to be noted that while billing may later be open to all users accessing its services, credits are available for users that have Digital Solar registered to their account.

Only credits available from Digital Solar can be used and in case where there are more credits than the power bill, the credits available for use for that session will be limited to the bill amount. When credits are successfully added to the power bill, the overall credits available to users get deducted by the amount used.

In case of invalid transactions or error in processing from SundayGrids end, users need to email, or share through other medium stated for use by SundayGrids, the screenshot of the error with a short description and ensure the screenshot is neither tampered or edited, for SundayGrids to review internally and to initiate refund if required so. Availability of refund is determined on a case to case basis.

However, SundayGrids is not liable for err or issues that occur from a non-processing point of view such as, but not limited to, wrong account/ utility number, lack of required credits, processing from utility-side and lack of available funds from the users end to complete the payment. SundayGrids is also not liable for penalty charges and other payment additions required for the users by the billers.

After a successful payments, the new credit balance will be reflected on the users dashboard and it will take two to seven business days to be reflected on the billers end. In case the billing doesn’t get reflected in the given timespan, the user is expected to notify SundayGrids of the issue as soon as possible to resolve the issue swiftly.

The platform is at early access stage and can be prone to performance based errors and other edge cases, and therefore caution is advised from the user’s end. In case such an error occurs, users are expected to alert SundayGrids to avoid such problems from occurring in the future. The platform may or may not go through major changes and the user flow and terms associated can change from time to time, and is within the discretion of SundayGrids to do so.

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