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Secured Generation is the power output from a solar project that SundayGrids guarantees. On the off chance that power output dips below this level, users would be compensated for the deficit through proportional addition of credits.

Secured generation levels of each project





What is Secured Generation based on?

Secured Generation is set at 75% of a solar project's P90 value. P90 is a statistic that tells us the minimum amount of energy we can expect a solar project to produce with 90% confidence. (If a project has a P90 value of 10,000 kWh annually, we can expect it to generate more than 10,000 kWh of power 90% of the time).

Implementation Phases

Secured Generation will be rolled out in two phases.

In the initial pilot phase, secured generation will be calculated based on annual power production. The specific values for each project are provided above in this document for your reference. You can monitor the actual data either from your dashboard or through the community groups set up for the project. If there's a deficit and credits need to be added, we'll notify you through the relevant channels and reflect the additions in your SundayGrids Wallet.

After the pilot phase, we aim to provide data on a monthly basis and incorporate the monthly secured generation value directly into your dashboard. This will facilitate automatic adjustments and provide you with greater insight into the system's performance